If you know me, you know I like to laugh, talk, and have a good time.

With both of my parents being counselors, coaches, and mentors, my brother, sister, and I were raised in an environment were helping, spending time with, and forming deep connections with people was the norm.

Being a counselor or coach was not for me, but through photography, I've found my own special way to help Create, Capture, and Share these special moments that can become the highlights of our life. 

With each shoot, you never know exactly what your going to get. You have to be able to read the situation and adapt to whatever void needs filled.

Sometimes my job is to fade into the background and capture people interacting naturally in their lifestyle. I'll do a lot of watching and observation, but always be on the ready to capture that special moment.

Other times, my role may change and I need to step up, direct, pose, and set things up to get the perfect shot.

And thats what makes Photography so fulfilling to me. 

With each shoot, you never know EXACTLY what your going to get. You have to be able to read the situation and adapt to whatever comes your way.

This keeps it fresh and keeps me always locked in. Throughout my entire life, I've alway hated complacency. I never want to stand still and stop developing both myself as a person and my skill set. With photography, I get to work on both.

How can I better connect with my subject? Are they comfortable? What do they need from me? What can I learn from them? How can I improve the shot?

Photography, especially at events, is in the moment. You have to be locked in. You need anticipation, awareness, and timing. Its very much a performance. For me, I see many similarities between photography and the other passions I have had in my life. Whether it be performing on the athletic field in football, boxing, or track, or on stage doing Latin Dance, the recipe for success is very similar.

1st, you have to build the knowledge and skillset. You cant be in the moment trying to figure things out, you need to know.

Practice, practice, practice.

Study, study, study.

Learn, learn, learn.

You have to put the time in. Because when things are live, you need to let muscle memory take over, allowing you to focus on scoring the touchdown, hitting the move, or capturing the perfect shot.