Locations & Information for shoots in Pittsburgh

Hi! Pittsburgh is seriously the BEST city for pictures because we have so much history, variety, and beauty! Below will be different locations to look at, but first lets talk about some pointers to make the session go as well as possible :)

  • Outfits: Depending on your package we will do 1 or 2 outfits. I recommend to be yourself and dress as you like, and most couples end up going with something a little more "dressed up". If we do two outfits, both can be dressed up or one could be more dressed up and traditional and the other could be something fun or more casual. For changing, we normally do it halfway through the session and will either look for a nearby bar or restaurant and some couples even change in the car (I also have a new little tent as well).

  • Time of day: We normally try to shoot either 1.5 hours before sunset or 1.5 hours after sunrise for the softer light, but other times of the day work out great as well. If shooting for sunset or sunrise, if the sun sets at 7:30 PM, we will normally meet and start shooting around 6 PM. For sunrise sessions, we will start at sunrise and shoot for 1:30 hours.

  • Duration of Shoot: We try to keep the shoots to 1-2 hours. Its more up to you as the couple and how long you want to shoot and what locations you would like.

  • Props: Props are totally fine, just let me know if you want to bring anything and we'll make sure to incorporate it. Just a sidenote, we will do some walking so if we have props we will normally do it at the start when we are still near the cars so we can stow them back away when done. Some props are things like signs with wedding date, a bottle of champagne, picnic basket and snacks, ect.

  • Pets: Pets are more than welcome and an awesome addition. With pets we always recommend to have someone else come to the start of the session that can then either watch your pet or take them back home after we do a few pictures in the beginning with them. Just note that including pets does cut into time as it takes a little longer to get shots so just let me know if you want to include them and I'll factor that into planning.

  • Purses, bags, waterbottles, ect: As we like to capture lots of candids and movement in our photos, its better to not have bags and other stuff at the shoot that you would not want in every photo. As we walk to locations we will normally still be shooting and it can slow down the shoot and cut into time if we always have to look for safe places to hide purses or bags while we shoot. I can normally hold keys, some makeup, cell phones, ect in my bag or pockets.

  • Locations: Normally couples will choose one of the locations below. If you want to do two locations, we can do that as well but will need to be a little quicker and factor in travel time. And regarding locations not listed, we can do those as well, just let me know where you would like to shoot and we can make it happen! Other places we often go to are Moraine State Park, McConnells Mills, and Ohio Pyle. Below will be some of the best Wedding and Engagement Locations in Pittsburgh!

North Shore & Clemente Bridge

Point State Park and The Point

Downtown Pittsburgh & Mellon Square

Convention Center & City Side River Walk

Mellon Park

CMU Columns & Cathedral of Learning

The Rotunda at The Pennsylvanian

Phipps Conservatory & Panther Hollow Overpass

Washington’s Landing Marina

Strip District

Mt Washington

Southside Works & Hot Metal Bridge

Station Square & Duquesne Incline


North Park

Hartwood Acres Mansion

Any Questions?

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