Pittsburgh Pirate Firework Photography Session

A little personal work today. A good friend and I went up to Mt. Washington and had some fun taking pictures of the firework show after the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Milwakuee Brewers 5-0.

And Pirate wins always call for a celebration!

Being the first time I shot fireworks, the hardest thing was trying to guess what was coming next. You can set your composition, ISO, and aperture, but everything else after that is just a guess. Your doing long exposures where your keeping the shutter open for 3,4,5 even 10 seconds long. 


Because you never know what they have planned for the show! If you capture too many bursts it will be blown out. If its not enough you have a boring picture. And you have to be careful as the smoke starts to build from the show.

Always a fun time and I'll definitely be out to shoot more!